Who We Represent

Jenn Friedman is an accomplished musician (singer/songwriter/pianist), author, and Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate from Brooklyn, NY. She has shared her recovery message through discussion and performance at various schools and recovery events, and also makes weekly videos for the WeRFreEDomFighters YouTube recovery channel.

Jenn released her first book, Eating Disorders on the Wire: Music and Metaphor as Pathways to Recovery through H.T.F.K. Press in March 2014. She also released a full-length album, On the Wire, on Personal Bias Records. The book and music can be enjoyed together or separately, but both explore the emotional journey of an eating disorder through metaphor. Visit www.jennfriedman.com to learn more!

Matt Kona is a Boston-based stand-up comedian and host of the podcast “Comics Coming Up,” available on iTunes and at www.mattkona.com. Find him on twitter at @MATTKONA.

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